About Us

Civil Air Patrol is an auxiliary of the United States Air Force. Divided into to programs (senior and cadet) we have three missions: Aerospace Education, Emergency Services, and Cadet Programs.

As a cadet, you will have the ability to attend any of the National Cadet Special Activities (NCSAs) after attending a Basic Encampment. You will also have the opportunity to fly with many different qualified pilots in many different types of aircraft, participate in emergency services, be involved in color guard, and learn about wilderness survival. All of this while learning core values, sound morals and ethics, and leadership skills that will serve you for life! (age 18 and below)

As a senior, you will have the opportunity to train and mentor cadets, participate in Aerospace and Emergency Services education and activities, and be a part of and instruct certain activities and events. Seniors are a vital part of the CAP community and can preform duties and accomplish more than the average American. One does NOT need to have any previous military experience in order to be a part of the CAP, although those with a military background are appreciated as well. (age 18 and up)

The squadron performs a variety of functions, from educating youth in areas of aerospace and leadership, to performing search and rescue/disaster relief and teaching drill and ceremonies. We teach America’s youth by implementing techniques used by the United States Air Force while remaining a civilian organization with no military commitment. Having access to a hanger, airport, and aircraft makes Squadron 904 one of the best squadrons to get flight experience in both single engine aircraft and gliders.